Pangaea (Toronto)

Pangaea is located in the Yorkville area and has been a popular and successful restaurant since its opening in 1996. Chef and co-owner Martin Kouprie focuses on regional, in-season ingredients prepared with international inspiration.

Last month was my birthday. My mom and I share a birthday, and her husband took us to Pangaea to celebrate.

The interior of the restaurant is quite nice. The decor is rather simple – neutral colours with wooden chairs and pale hardwood floors. I liked the artwork, which reminded me of a trip to the cottage in the fall.

I’m not really happy with the quality of the pictures, sadly, so I don’t have a lot of them to post.

We started our meal with oysters. They had a rather extensive selection on the menu, but unfortunately, only had one East coast and one West coast type at a time. I was a little bit disappointed by this. Why list things on the menu that you aren’t going to serve? The Kusshi oysters I really wanted weren’t available, so we took a half dozen from each coast. They were quite good and very fresh. They were served with lemon, fresh grated horseradish and a red wine mignonette. I particularly liked the West coast ones with both the horseradish and the mignonette.

For my main course (I skipped appetizers) I had the lamb duo of chop and confit shoulder. It was served with farm potatos, squash and tomatos. I love lamb, and this was great. It was very moist and tender, cooked perfectly.

I was quite full after my lamb (and after all the brithday martinis and glasses of wine) so I went with sorbet for dessert. They were all fruit flavoured and they were nice and tart, just how I like my sorbet.

My mom ordered the warm citrus doughnuts for dessert, which we split among the table. These were excellent, probably my favourite part of the meal. The doughnuts were filled with ricotta and rolled in sugar. They were so warm and soft. They came with cardamom and orange shakes, served in shot glasses. Together, they were delightful.

This is the salted caramel and chocolate cake. I didn’t try it, but I wanted to post the picture because of how delectable it looks.

I really enjoyed my birthday dinner at Pangaea. The food and service were both excellent.

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