Cape Breton

I’m finally getting around to posting some pictures from trips I took almost a year ago…

Last June a couple of my good friends were driving out to Cape Breton to visit family and I they invited me to tag along. Road trip! It was a fun and scenic drive (except driving through Montreal construction and traffic, mon dieu.) Here are some of my favourite pictures from the trip.

Welcome to New Brunswick

As we crossed from Quebec into New Brunswick we were greeted with a lot of rain, and a rainbow to welcome us to the East coast.

Beach near Port Hood

We spent some time on the beach near Port Hood. I learned that I’ve lost my touch for skipping rocks. We did go for a swim in the Altlantic. As you can probably expect, it was a mite nippy.

Toes in the sand

Toes in the sand.

Cape Breton Highlands national park

One day we drove all along the Cabot Trail. This is the view shortly after passing into Cape Breton Highlands National Park. The sun did not want to come out.

Cabot trail postcard

Looks just like all the postcards.

Green highlands

Everything is so gorgeous and green.

Riley and Brian

Riley and Brian!

Riley and Pam

Riley and I, posing next to some awesome alliteration (and a nice view).

Rock outcropping

More nice ocean views.

Cape Breton - Cabot trail view

It had been overcast most of the day and the sun finally came out as we reached the Northern part of the trail. I wish I got to see amazing views like this more often.

Alexander Graham Bell museum

This is the Alexander Graham Bell museum in Baddeck. We didn’t get to see much there as it was closing, but we did catch a tall ship coming into the harbour.

Bell Buoy restaurant seafood platter

What’s a trip out East (or a post on a food blog) without vast amounts of deep fried seafood? Shrimp, haddock and scallops, yum!

I really liked Cape Breton. Everyone is so laid back and welcoming, the food is delicious (except I ate waaay too much poutine and things that were deep fried) and the scenery is beautiful.

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