Pike Place Market

I love public markets. Pike Place Market in Seattle is my favourite one that I’ve been to (so far). It’s filled with amazing food stalls, restaurants, local businesses, plus has a great view of the bay. Last time I was there I spent the whole day walking around the market and along the waterfront.

Local Color latte

I need a latte to start the day off right so I went to a great place called Local Color. It’s the kind of place that has live music and local art of the walls. And, most importantly, amazing coffee. I could have just sat in the cafe, read a book and downed these continuously, but I had other things to see and food to eat.

Piroshky Piroshky

For breakfast I went to Piroshky Piroshky. A piroshky is a Russian dish, it’s basically a pie or bread with different types of stuffing.


I got one filled with potato and cheese and it was delicious.

PIke Place Market Elliott Bay

My view while I ate breakfast.

Pike Place fish market

This is the famous Pike Place Fish Market, where they’re always throwing fish around. The stunning displays of fresh, local food are my favourite thing about the market (and I wish I had taken more pictures).


My friend Sara told me I had to get the smoked salmon belly while I was at the market. It was so good. Strips of fatty belly meat, heavily smoked. Yum.


Beecher’s boasts that they have the world’s best mac & cheese. It made for a tasty lunch, but was a little too saucy for my tastes and was by no means the best mac & cheese I’ve had.

Sosio's "oh my god" Peach

This is one of Sosio’s “oh my god” peaches. The produce in the market is amazing. This peach was as big as my hand and so ripe and juicy. Every time I took a bite I’d have juice running down my forearm. Sticky, but so worth it.

Seattle aquarium starfish

After spending most of the morning eating I decided a walk along the waterfront was in order, so I made my way to the Seattle aquarium.

This was a big, open pool of starfish and people were free to touch them. I can’t believe the colour on these things.

Seattle aquarium Jellyfish

Jellyfish are usually my favourite part of any aquarium. The way they contort and float about is so hypnotic.

Seattle aquarium dog fish

Dog fish.

Seattle aquarium sea otter

The sea otters were adorable. These guys always look like they’re having so much fun and really play to the crowd.

I want to rub that belly!

Oyster house punch

After spending some time at the aquarium I went to the pier to take a boat cruise around the bay. While I was waiting for the boat I stopped at Elliott’s Oyster House for a cocktail and a snack. This is the oyster house punch – rum, brandy, raspberry syrup, lemon juice, bitters, nutmeg. It was good and it did pack a punch.

Elliott's Oyster House Calamari

I also got some nice fried calamari.

Seattle Docks

This is one of the cargo terminals. Pictures like this always remind me of The Wire (but these docks are much less sad).

Elliott Bay

That wrapped up my sunny, amazing food-filled day on Seattle’s waterfront. I really recommend spending some time at the market if you’re going to be in the area.

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  1. Look at that salmon belly! Delicious. Also, those docks are what inspire George Lucas’ big robot-y walky things (at least, that’s what I’ve heard) :P

    • I have a pic of a white crane (is that what they’re called?) that looks just like an AT-AT. I wonder if they do salmon belly like that at St. Lawrence Market.

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