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A few weeks ago I signed up for weekly produce deliveries from Fresh City Farms. Fresh City grows organic fruits, vegetables and herbs right here in Toronto, at their farm in Downsview Park.

Fresh City Farms bag

I love it, I can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner. It’s great to have fresh, healthy food delivered right to my building. Getting deliveries is exciting, and the contents of the bag change every week. It’s like Christmas! Also, this has really been expanding my culinary horizons. A month ago I had never cooked (or even eaten) kale, chard, garlic scapes or tatsoi. When they appeared in my weekly delivery I had to learn what to do with them.

Fresh City delivery 1

The weekly delivery generally has about 10 different things in it. A few weeks ago it was: Salad mix, chard, romaine lettuce, peaches, new potatoes, green beans, garlic scapes, green onions, Saskatoon berries, and strawberries.

Fresh City delivery 2

This past week it was kale, zuccini, green onions, tatsoi, vine tomatoes, cucumber, plums, rhubarb, raspberries and golden beets.

I really recommend this service (or a similar one in your area) to everyone. The food is local, I’m learning to cook new things and it’s definitely making me eat my vegetables.

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