Glory Hole Doughnuts (Toronto)

Glory Hole Doughnuts, located in Parkdale, specializes in freshly-made, generously garnished, yeast-risen doughnuts. I had only sampled their doughnuts once before, when my friend Sara had dropped off a few of their mini-cake doughnuts for me. They were very good and I wanted to try more. The boyfriend wanted to go there for Sunday breakfast one weekend, and who am I to refuse.

The storefront smells amazing, and the doughnuts are all lovingly laid out on the counter. The prices, I must admit, were a little shocking. The average price of a single doughnut is $3, with some of the more intricately garnished ones costing $4. They are very large doughnuts though. We went with the $18 half-dozen.


We tried 5 different types altogether, since we both wanted the Smore. The Before Eight (top right) was devoured by the time we were halfway down the street. I thought it tasted great, though I didn’t like the consistency of the mint icing.

Cinnamon sugar

This is the cinnamon sugar doughnut. I only got a bite of this one. It was okay, kind of plain compared to the rest.


The Smore. Very tasty, and I love the bruleed marshmallow on top. The chocolate/graham crumble was delicious, even though it kept getting stuck on the insides of my teeth.


Lemon meringue. This was really well done. The meringue was soft, fluffy, and piled very high. The lemon curd inside was smooth and tangy.

Ginger glazeGinger glaze. This one was my favourite. The glaze was sweet, with subtle hints of that ginger spiciness. It was topped with fried wonton strips, which were nice and crunchy.

Doughnut innardsFor me, the best part about Glory Hole doughnuts is that they are much lighter than expected. Even though they are huge, they didn’t make me feel so full and heavy like a cakier doughnut would. I ate all three of my doughnuts that day.

I’d go to Glory Hole again, for an occasional sweet treat.

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