Spring Recipe Inspiration

With my recent move, I haven’t had a lot of time for creative cooking over the past few weeks and have been eating take-out more often than not. So I’ve been living vicariously through other cooking blogs. Here are some spring themed recipes I’ve saved that I’d like to try soon.

Classic mint juleps
Image via joythebaker.com

Classic mint juleps

This weekend is the Kentucky Derby, so food blogs are full of recipes that feature bourbon. I love fresh herbs in drinks and these mint juleps from Joy the Baker look like a perfect cocktail to sip on a patio over the weekend.

Image via thepioneerwoman.com

Bruschetta with goat cheese, bacon and leeks

The Pioneer Woman is always full of simple and delicious looking ideas. This bruschetta looks like a tasty spring appetizer. I’d probably fancy them up a little and use thinly sliced prosciutto in place of the bacon and maybe make herbed goat cheese with some fresh basil or tarragon.

Food52 Seared Scallops
Image via food52.com

Seared scallops with spring onion and tarragon cream

These scallops, from Food52 look like they’d make a lovely spring dinner. Scallops are something I eat often in restaurants, but haven’t prepared much at home. I’ll definitely be trying this recipe out.

Image via themessybaker.com

Portuguese custard tarts

Pastel de nata. A lot of my friends from high school are Portuguese so I developed a love for these quickly. I’m always excited to get invited to their wedding and baby showers because I know these will be there. It would be great to make them at home, and The Messy Baker has a recipe for them.

Image via cakecrumbs.me

Game of Thrones sigil cupcakes

These aren’t really a spring recipe (they’re really more Winter), but I can’t resist sharing these beautiful cupcakes from Cakecrumbs. I’m not nearly artistic enough to replicate the designs, but they’d be great for a Game of Thrones s4 finale party. And these aren’t just eye candy, the recipe features chocolate cupcakes with raspberry filling and chocolate ganache.

Do you have any favourite spring recipes to share?

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