DaiLo (Toronto)

A while back, I went to a 5 Ways Dinner, where one of the chefs was Nick Liu. At that point he didn’t have a restaurant at his own but that has now been remedied. DaiLo is his new restaurant, located near College and Bathurst. It’s a cozy little pace, with a small patio and beautiful Cantonese decor. My boyfriend and I finally got a chance to go at the beginning of summer. We were seated at a bright table near the entrance.

DaiLo table settings

We decided to order a few dishes to share. In retrospect, we should have ordered a few more.

DaiLo - Tom Yum Booze

First, cocktails. The cocktail list was small, but everything sounded great. This is Tom Yum Booze, made with Gin, lemongrass, kaffr lime leaf, syrup and coconut water. It was great, went very very easily.

DaiLo - Ponzu Beef Carpaccio

The first dish was a Ponzu beef carpaccio, covered in chilis and herbs, and a lovely yuzu soy caramel sauce. Forgot to mention I don’t like cilantro, but otherwise this dish was extremely flavourful.

DaiLo Fried Watermelon

Next was a fried watermelon salad. It came with sprouts, basil, and pork floss (rousong). This was lovely and fresh. The watermelon had light lightest of batters and was still crunchy.

Dai Lo whole fried trout

The main course was one we’d had before. Whole fried rainbow trout. It’s presented on a wooden board and it’s really a stunning dish.

DaiLo sauces

The trout comes with three sauces: nahm jim, soy glaze, and green curry aioli. All three complimented the trout. This dish was a little smaller than we were expecting. Last time it was meant to feed more people, but here it was definitely a meal for one.

DaiLo flower

Nick Liu did not disappoint. All three dishes were excellent, if not entirely shareable. I’d love to go back and try out some more items on the menu.

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