Tutto Pronto (Toronto)

One day in October I was surprised and delighted to open my email and find an invitation to a Zomato meetup. I’ve been posting reviews and food pics over there for a while, and happily accepted their invitation to go to Tutto Pronto for a Sicilian tasting menu and to meet some other local foodies. Tutto Pronto is located in North York, not too far away from me. The interior is cozy and welcoming, filled with treasures picked up during the travels of the owner, Anna Maria. The dim lighting is good for atmosphere but not as great for taking pictures. We were treated to a total of 8 dishes.

Tutto Pronto arrancini

First up was Arancini – rice balls stuffed with ragu, mozzarella and peas. These were delicious. They were more delicate than they looked with a nice crispy outside that gave way to a soft and creamy center. The peas were unexpected but they worked.

Tutto Pronto pizza fritta

Next up was pizza fritta – little pizzas on fried dough. Really these felt more like bruschetta. The tomato topping was very fresh, while the base was chewy. The flavours were great.

Tutto Pronto cauliflower

Then came cauliflower fritters. The batter was nice and thin though they could have used just a touch more time in the fryer.

Tutto Pronto octopus

Then came polipo alla griglia – grilled octopus with cannellini beans and potato. This dish looked beautiful, but I wasn’t a huge fan of the octopus. It was very meaty. I don’t eat a lot of octopus, so I’m not sure if that’s normal but the texture wasn’t for me.

Tutto Pronto eggplant involtini

The last appetizer was involtini di melanzane – sliced eggplant wrapped around ricotta and spinach, baked in tomato sauce. This was another hit, a melding of classic flavours into a beautifully prepared dish.

Tutto Pronto pasta

Then came the pasta course, a simple yet tasty casarecce alla siciliana. It was served with fior di latte cheese and tomato basil sauce. The pasta was cooked nicely al dente and the tomato sauce was lovely – fresh, simple, delicious. When the night was over we were each given a jar of the sauce to take home, I made use of it really quickly.

Tutto Pronto veal

The meat course was scalloppine al masala – pan seared veal in a porcini mushroom sauce with marsala. This was a very hearty course, the marsala and mushroom sauce really brought out the flavour of the veal.

Tutto Pronto Cannoli

Last but not least was a plate of cannoli – ricotta stuffed pastry with chocolate shavings. Very yummy, I ate a few of these. The pastry was very well done – not too crumbly but not to hard either.

Once dinner was over we got a look at Tutto Pronto To Go, conveniently located next door. I got a good look at what they had to offer – sandwiches, antipasto, prepared pasta dishes, gourmet oils and vinegars. Seems like a good place to go to pick up dinner on nights I don’t feel like cooking, and it’s pretty close to my apartment.

I had a wonderful time at Tutto Pronto. The owner was lovely and her love for the restaurant and its food really shone through. I really enjoyed the majority of the dishes which were rustic and flavourful. It was great to be able to taste so many of them, and I’d certainly come back to try their regular menu. It was also excellent to be able to eat among so many other food lovers.

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*As I mentioned, this meal was part of a Zomato Meetup and as such, I didn’t pay for it. All opinions are still my own though*

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