Chef’s Plate Review

For the last few months I’ve been subscribed to Chef’s Plate, a food and recipe delivery service in Ontario. Here are my thoughts on the service.

I receive the ingredients and recipes for 3 meals a week (2 plates per meal). The cost is $65. There’s also an option to get only 2 meals/week but then you have to pay a little extra for shipping. Each week there are 6 different recipes to choose from, generally one beef, one fish, two poultry and 2 vegetarian. The website asked for preferences so my 3 meals are picked based on those, but I can go in and change the meal selection if I want.

Chef's Plate box

The meals are delivered in a box, complete with heat resistant liner and ice packs, so the food stays cool even if I’m not at home when it is delivered.

Chef's Plate Ingredients

The ingredients for each meal come pre-portioned in their own bags so it’s easy to keep everything organized. The recipe cards are well written and lay out both the ingredients included in the box and the things you’ll need from your own kitchen. The only ingredients not included with the delivery are things like cooking/olive oil, salt, and pepper.

Chef's Plate Beef tamale pie ingredients

Here’s the ingredients for one recipe – Beef Tamale Pie – all laid out. The ingredients are of decent quality, the produce is always fresh. Over dozens of meals I think the worst I’ve gotten was an onion that was getting a little soft.

Beef tamale pie with cornbread

And here’s the final product for that one – beef tamale pie with cornbread. It was a delicious and hearty meal, and very much appreciated in February.

Ginger chicken salad with pears

There are also lighter meals, like this ginger chicken salad with pears and hazelnuts.

Salmon and orzo

Salmon over orzo with veggies.

Steak with horseradish cream

Steak with horseradish cream, sweet potatoes and chard.

Salmon-with-soba noodles

Salmon with soba noodles, edamame, bok choy, pickled daikon and miso butter.


Chili-rubbed steak tips with rice and beans, fried plantains and salsa. Lily was excited for this one.

Overall, I’ve been very impressed with Chef’s Plate. The recipes are good, of all the meals I’ve made there were only 2 that I wasn’t really crazy about. For me personally, I like that it’s got me cooking again, without having to deliberate over what I should make for dinner or buy more than what I need at the grocery store. It’s also gotten me cooking things I’ve never made before, like some Asian-inspired dishes. The portion sizes are good, however I often find myself wishing for just a bit of a bigger cut of steak for the dishes that use it. I don’t have that issue with the fish or poultry though. My biggest complaint is that there’s a fair amount of waste with all the packaging. I wish they would pick up the box, liner, and icepacks so they could be reused. I do reuse the zipper bags and containers though.

I recommend Chef’s Plate, especially if you enjoy cooking but often find yourself wondering, “what should I make for dinner?”

If you’re in Ontario and want to check it out, you can get 3 free plates on your first order. If you use this link, I’ll get 2 free plates! Win-win.

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